My family and I are a bit silly. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, then laugh at family.
(Isn't that how that saying goes? No? Oh well)
Here are photos that I have saved over time of some of my family acting a little silly - please enjoy!

This is my brother... A picture is worth a thousand words!

This is me, climbing in one of those kids tunnels.
Notice there are no kids, just me!

My mom, saying "Neener, neener, neener!"

My nephew and niece. Who doesn't love stickers?

My youngest nephew, Marc, was asked at school what he wanted to
be when he grows up...   umm, say what?

Oh, dear God, don't ask!

Sister-in-law an niece Mia, being silly!

Some guy named Bob... getting .. sloppy?!?

More of sloppy Bob.

Not going to even admit I know these people!

And despite this page, they keep emailing me pictures...